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piles of shit-
"   Originally everything had a name - a proper or peculiar name. Then the name became attached to a single element of the thing, and became applicable to all the other individual things that also contained that element: it is no longer a particular oak that is called tree, but anything that includes at least a trunk and branches. The name also became attached to a conspicuous circumstance: night came to designate, not the end of this particular day, but the period of darkness separating all sunsets from all dawns. Finally, it attached itself to analogies: everything was called a leaf that was as thin and flexible as the leaf of a tree.   "
Foucault (via dranoparty)


GO TO SCHOOL, GET A JOB ( It’s all the same )
KILL YOUR MOM, FUCK YOUR DAD ( It’s all the same )

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Here She Comes

It’s so lonely in this place,
so cold I don’t believe
and theres no one knows my name

It’s easy to pretend
It’s easy to believe

There’s a shadow on my wall
It dances like my soul, dances like my soul

It’s so cold now, i swear it will be warm
Here she come now.

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Mauthausen Orchestra - Untitled 2


1969 / this song was written about a girl with hazel eyes

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